Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Past Christmas/Winter Teas

        Hello everyone,

      I hope your week is going well.
     I think many of you are getting
  ready for Christmas or if you
    are an American Thanksgiving
as well.
However, I hope you still have
        time to relax with a good cup of tea!

I hope you will enjoy seeing
a few of my past Christmas/
winter teas.

            I love my red & white transferware
                    all year but especially at Christmas time.

A Christmas tea in the Boathouse.
Christmas fruitcake with teal

My cozy English Afternoon Tea.

I love the mix of plaids and
enamalware on this snowy
winter day.

                                                                         I love a cup of hot cocoa after
                                                                         a winter skate....well any winter
                                                                         day for that matter.
                                                                       A soothing winter tea

                                                                      A creamy white tea
A cozy winter tea in the
sun room.


As, I mentioned last week we are on a
Christmas House Tour along with three
  or four other homes on Saturday,Dec. 9th
from 1 to 4 pm
      This is a fundraiser for Fitzroy House Clubhouse,
a program of the Mental Health Association.
                 For more information call 902 566 5111 or to pick up your
tickets ($15) visit the Fitzroy Centre at
170 Fitzroy St.
Mon. to Fri. 8:30 to 4:30 or
Sat. 8 to 4 pm.

Hope to see you then!

Thank you for visiting and
Happy Thanksgiving to my
American friends.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Touches of Christmas

                                                                            Hello everyone,

                                                         Last week I took advantage of some down
                                                         time and relaxed at the cottage pulling out
                                                        some of my favorite Christmas magazines.
  The sun was shining in warming
the cottage.

I added a few touches of Christmas
to put me in the mood.

Some cozy slippers and a cup
of tea added to the enjoyment.

We just got our new
hardwood click floor
laid a few weeks ago
and it made a big improvement.

This window from the restore
also made a big difference in
the cottage giving lots more
light and extending the view.
Recently, I added the old
window frame with the blue
and white plates to add interest
to the wall above the window.
You know how I love my dishes!

I saved a seat for you~grab a cup of tea!

                                                     I couldn't resist adding some touches of
                                                                Christmas to our little seaside cottage.

                                                                Meanwhile back at home I am adding
                                                                Christmas/winter touches to the outdoors
                                                                before moving indoors.

                                                                              Thank you for visiting!